Hi there! My name is Michael Green. I’m a final year Software Engineering student at University of Ulster in Northern Ireland.

My main hobbies and interests include software research and development (particularly tablet and mobile software), discovering and using new technology and the writing and production of music.

Most of my time currently is taken up by researching and developing my final year project, StreamCatcher. I hope to publish the application on the market whenever it is finished as I feel many would benefit from it. You can read more about my final year project by using the navigation at the top. A link can also be found near the bottom of the page. Any time I'm not working on my final year project I'm usually working on other university assignments or looking into future solo development projects.

My dream occupation or focus of work would to be in a position where I can influence the development and progression of major technological advancements. As I said earlier, my main interests in regards to software development have been centred around the various mobile platforms. I am most familiar with the Android operating system and have began to research the iPhone environment recently, hoping to familiarise myself with the Objective-C language. I strongly believe the future of business, recreational activities and technology as a whole will largely associate with mobile techologies.

If you are a fan of eSports (competitive video-gaming), mobile technologies or live video-streaming you may find the StreamCatcher page particularly interesting :). You can get to it by clicking the StreamCatcher tab at the top of the page or by clicking here.

If for any reason you would like to contact me, you can visit the contact page by clicking on the contact tab or click here.


Michael Green